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Wait so are you seriously saying that you're willing to hate someone who's cis and hasn't been brought up to understand that trans issues are even a thing? You're happy to hate someone just because they aren't educated on an issue? Do you hate cis people who work to help trans people? Or do you seriously believe that you have to be trans to care? Like you have to be gay to give a shit about gay rights? BULLSHIT. How can you blindly hate a whole group of people?

#ableist language #caps lock #swearing

Woo some people are decent human beings. Those people do not put their feelings above my right as a trans person to rant.

Cis people benefit from my oppression whether they mean to or not, and their ignorance is exhausting, unfair, and not my responsibility to accept.

I have never met a cis person who has not been at least passively transphobic tbh so it doesn’t feel like a generalisation.

I don’t have to be nice to people who harm me or who benefit from my oppression.